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Posted by LuWolf - April 13th, 2018






Posted by LuWolf - June 25th, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope your doing fine, yesterday and today I had a little interview with @Cethic I really enjoyed interviewing him cause he gave long, and straight-forward information and in all it was just a great interview! Thanks Ceth!

Q:Where do you get your inspiration to make art from? 

A:"When I was really little, I used to watch Sonic X on Jetex. So I started drawing sonic characters, and that evolved into Star Wars and I just kept drawing, I think I was about 7 or 8 years old when I started"        

Q:What made you create the name "Cethic"?

A:"I became really fond of the name Seth. I used to go to a Christian school called the "Day School" where I met my friend Jasper Rector. He had a Gameboy, and played Pokémon. His characters name was Seth. Moving on a few years later, I'm playing a game called WolfTeam with my friends Tacoma and Colton at the public library. One of the guys we ran into there was named Sethic. I took a liking to it, and since my name started with a C I just modified it to be Cethic while still sounding like Sethic."

Q:How did you find out about Madness Combat?

A:"When I was younger as well, I played games on the elementary school computers. There I found Thing Thing and Madness interactive. Doing more searches for Madness related stuff ended up getting me into the movies."        

Q:Who or What drove you to create fan-animations/tributes to Madness Combat?

A:"Most of the stuff happened when I was younger. I used to play around in the Madness Scene Creator games, moving parts around and using my imagination to create stories. Eventually around 14 or 15 I ended up getting a copy of flash, because an old friend of mine who goes by the name of Macaronisasofa lent me his when I asked. After that I started watching tutorials on how to animate madness, and things sorta lifted off from there."

Q:Have you told anyone else that you do this for a living?

A:"I don't do it for a living, I don't make ANY revenue off of my animations actually. Most of my artistic related income comes from doing commissions and the rest comes from my factory job. My parents and friends full well about my flash cartoons though, and are always excited to see what I do next."

Q:Do you think that you'll ever get tired of animating madness one day?

A:"Nah. I thought I had for a while but I think I just burned myself out on it after animating it for 4 years straight. As long as it's not the entirety of my main focus, I can probably keep it up for as long as I want."

Q:How did you come up with your characters design? And does it represent you in any way?

A:"Originally my character was meant to represent me, and at one point I even had proper attire to do a cosplay of his old design. Shades,headphones,the hoodie, all of it. Only thing I didn't have was red hair haha. As time moved on though, he stopped representing and became his own character. Beyond the animations, he does have a personality and relationships he maintains. One of which is actually with another madness character a friend of mine created, her name is Pashmina or Pash for short. The most current design stage for him was sorta strewn together randomly. I didn't sketch out ideas, I just sorta drew it. I remember I drew the right side view of the sprites first, and they were originally only red. Then I was like, what if I added some white here and here? So, I gave him a white highlight in his hair and added white tips to his hoodie and shazam, he was made."

Q:How do you feel for having a 650+ fan base?

A:"It's pretty crazy, to me, actually! I never thought I'd get anywhere close to having as many fans as I do, especially considering I don't put out madness movies very often. I'm really thankful though, it's a huge part in keeping me motivated to do what I do."

Q:What do you think you would be doing if you wouldn't have discovered Madness Combat?

A:"Probably everything I do now, except Madness Combat. It didn't really branch out and connect anything else I do, other than animation. But I had really been pushed to want to animate because of Eddsworld, so I guess I might have been doing some sort of flash series mimicking the Eddsworld style of cartoon."

Q:You've mentioned that you started animating at 14-15 did you ever get in trouble for animating Madness Combat?

A:"Nope, Not at all."

Q:Do you personally enjoy animating Madness? Or is it more of a hassle for you?

A:"It's a personal thing, I enjoy animating it but there are times where it feels like a hassle. If I ever feel like that, I take a break."

Q:Does your actual life interfere with your animating life? 

A:"Not really, no."

Q:Do you have any advice for aspiring animators?

A:"Practice makes perfect."

Thank you so much @Cethic for taking time of your day to respond to my questions.